When Herdict Sheep Speaks Chinese

Herdict is a project created by Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard University. It collects people’s reports on website accessibility. Others in the same country can verify these reports by trying yourselves. With its efforts, we will have a better picture about the world filtering and censorship.

Yes, you are right. This project has the same origin as Global Voices. When Herdict team tries to make the site multilingual, Global Voices, unsurprisingly, is a good linguistic talent pool for them. Many GV people have been involved with the process in various ways. In their YouTube page, introductory videos have different language versions. The Chinese version, as follows, has the voiceover from me:

The website is also going multilingual. After the Arabic edition translated by fellow GV author Yazan Badran, Chinese version, translated by me, is launched yesterday. (Self disclosure: Unlike GV translation is volunteer works, this translation is a paid job)

Inaccessibility has lots of reasons behind. Sometimes geographical; others ideological. This is, of course, only the first step, I assume. But just like what Priti Patel from The Southern Africa Litigation Centre has said at the end of this GV interview:

[…] this first stage is very important because we need to have the knowledge of what is happening and a sense of what should not happen, then we will be able to act. […]


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  1. Great blog post Leonard, thanks!

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