Monthly Archives: November 2009

Just Got Back

Just got back to Taipei. It’s a wonderful trip. It not only inspires me during the experience, but also fulfils my mom’s dream for many years. As a son, bringing mom to where she wants to go for a long time is probably the least I can do.

This time I get to know another different face of Tokyo and Japan as well. Being versatile is what makes a city great, or at least stand out.

It’s always worthy to meet Global Voices people in person during every trip. Thanks Tomomi, Scilla and Jannie for coming to the meetup. Now they are more than just a 75×75 jpg to me. 🙂

Thanks Chris and Hana for your guest room offer. I’ll book it soon! Please keep my (and Eddie’s) bike for the next visit!

I must say Jason and Trent, my other two friends, have successfully made me don’t want to leave Tokyo this time. They share their precious foods, places and experiences with me. They are all unforgettable.

Cities are great, but it’s always these friends that make a city special.