Monthly Archives: September 2009

Hurt My Knee

hurt my kneeI hurt my knee when traveling at the end of August. As my friends know, I am always reluctant to go to doctors. It’s not really clear how I hurt it, but I originally thought it would be fine after a few days.

This time is not the case, though. My left knee doesn’t swell, but it hurts with some movements. After two weeks of perverseness, I finally listen to my mother and go to a Chinese medicine doctor.

I come back home with a knee wrapped as the picture shows. It’s my first experience in life, and to tell the truth, the Chinese medicine smells quite good.

Hope it will get well soon. By the way, the doctor says I hurt my ligament. As to how it happened, it’s still a mystery.


As A Junior Interpreter

I did last two days of press conference interpretation for The 21st Summer Deaflympics on Monday and Tuesday. It’s such a new experience to work with international sign language interpreters. Interpret for them and deaf athletes is so different, but as fun.

As a junior interpreter, I cherish every chance I’ve got to help others with my interpretation skills, although sometimes the compensation is almost like doing charity. My thoughts about the market and the industry are also evolving during the process.

It feels good when seeing sign interpreters smile in relief. It feels great when everyone understand the messages. It feels wonderful when people appreciate your works because they really need you, not because the agent can’t find anyone for the unwanted job.

As a junior interpreter, it is common to observe all kinds of weird things, but I should save it when I am senior one day. ha

the little imperfections

I was offline for five whole days for a trip with mom. 120 hours, a new record to me. It’s the first time since I started to work more actively online. It feels great in some ways, I must admit. Never quite an internet generation, I can probably live without internet access for a period of time, but I need TV. Turning on TV is a habit to me, even if I don’t necessarily understand German or Japanese. Some say it’s due to loneliness that people rely on TV to keep the space noisy. Well, I don’t know if it is true.

The offline experience is relaxing, although I feel regret as soon as opening email box and visiting Global Voices website again. GV authors are really good at producing great posts one after another when I was gone. I probably won’t have the time and ability to translate all of them, but it’s a pity that I haven’t read them all.

Reading one post, I realize it’s too late to know this great filmmaker from Malaysia, as she has left the world. Thanks to internet, though, I still got the chance to watch some of her works.

Funeral is the TV commerical Yasmin Ahmad shot for a Singapore government unit, taking family ties into focus.

Sometimes we do things too little, too late. I am too late to know this director and her works, but I hope I can make it up a little by translating the obituary post.