“Are You Happy?”

“Are you happy?”, a friend asks.

“It’s a cruel question to ask,” I answer.

I have works to do, posts to translate, bills to pay, trips to go, books to read, meals to eat, movies to watch, websites to plan, meetings to attend, emails to reply, postcards to write, groceries to buy, shows to follow, games to play, memories to recall, problems to solve, and pills to take.

My plants are alive on the balcony, my savings are available in the bank, my jobs are secure at the moment, and my life has been nice to me so far.

I already have so much in life.

“Are you happy?”, she asks again.

“I should be.”

I should.


5 responses to ““Are You Happy?”

  1. They all pass this off as existential angst. But really, does everyday existence have to be haunted by these feelings of inadequacy or of something having been lost? When all our cultures make us aspire towards happyness that’s the very thing we find hard to grasp. 🙂 Cheer up though!

  2. The happy feeling *will* come back.

    I hug you.

  3. I think happiness is like love, it might be not a never-changing status, it might rather be an ocean of feelings with tides and currents. it just makes one smile more often than when one is not happy 🙂

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