Monthly Archives: February 2009

Once Upon A Time, Blog Award in Taiwan

Internet is always changing, and in a fast pace. There are so many reasons that we used to visit a certain blog, but one day we quit. Maybe the blog is dead, maybe the blogger is dead, maybe the event is done, maybe the topic is no longer interesting, maybe…, maybe…

Four years. China Times in Taiwan has held “Chinese Blog Award” for four years in a row, witnessing and recognizing the so-called best Chinese blogs in the year. My Chinese blog for translation practice used to participate in the first two years. Of course, the winner isn’t me. In retrospect, though, I consider myself as some kind of winner, as I met Global Voices Lingua project via the experience.

After four years, when we look back at the winner list, I wonder how these blogs are now. It may be a good research topic to know if those blogs are still in operation, if bloggers still focus on their awarded issues, if they still attract growing readership, if bloggers have quitted blogging forever, if bloggers have chosen another Blog Service Provider, if… if… I don’t intend to do it myself, so it’s just an idea.

Award category is always a source of controversy. The host almost changes categories every year, if I remember correctly. After all, every blog can cover unlimited topics and issues. It’s almost impossible to categorize a blog nowadays. Topics are like tags, and we have many.

We don’t know how long this award will last. We don’t even know if the award will be the same in the next year. Four years equal to a presidential term, the next Olympics, a bachelor’s degree, etc. It may not be long, but in the world of internet and blogging, it is long enough to say “Once upon a time, the Chinese blogosphere looks like this…”