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In Case You Forgot/Missed US Election 2000

US election 2008 is only a few days away. According to many polls, Obama seems to be in the lead. Some people are worried about the so-called “Bradley effect“, which the result goes opposite to polls. Some are concerned about the low turnout. Some are questioning about the possibility of election fraud regarding voter list.

Some hope the situation in US Election 2000 won’t replay.

We should always learn from history, no matter how sweet or bitter it is, so it won’t hurt to have a recap, in case you forgot/missed that part of it.

I recommend “Recount” produced by HBO and directed by Jay Roach. It’s a movie of course, but it has also shown power struggle within campaign, self-interest concerns, propaganda and tactics. It reminds me the atmosphere that had been conveyed to me via TV screen eight years ago. US elction 2000 is a controversy that never ends. You watch the trailer from official website.

This incident clearly changes the direction of history in the past years: national security, foreign policy, healthcare, tax regime, and so on. It was Bush vs Gore, but in retrospect, it is more than that. Reviewing this part of history tells us each decision will lead to unexpected results. At least because of my innocence, I didn’t expect some parts of the world will be like now.

Even if you are not interested in the history, it’s still a good choice to watch Kevin Spacey as a good actor in a Saturday night movie.

Some people wonder why voter turnout in the West is much lower than that in the East. Maybe it’s because people in the West are used to elections. For more possible reasons, You can read this post written by my friend Jason Miks several months ago.