Electricity Saved

After nuclear crisis happens in Japan, lots of tourists choose not to visit, including Tokyo, though it’s actually 240km from Fukushima power plant. My friend working at Narita airport said I would be surprised by how few people are in the terminal. I look forward to it.

Some people are worried about living in Japan, and some have decided to leave. I am quite confident about this country, however. Not just because I have friends here, or because I have visited numerous times. There are other reasons.

First of all, there are really no safe places around the world. In Iceland, you’ve got volcanoes. If you are living around the Pacific Rim, earthquake and tsunami are always possible. In Florida, you’ve got hurricanes. Tornadoes are also regular features in Mid West, US recently. These are just a few samples.

Japan really has high earthquake-proof standards to buildings. If there were not tsunamis this time, I am quite sure the world would be amazed by how few buildings collapsed in Japan. Compared with many other countries and places worldwide, I actually have more trust to constructions on this island country.

Of course, Japan has their own problems, not least including heavy reliance on nuclear power. After Fukushima and a few other nuclear plants are closed, Japan is destined to have serious power supply issues this summer.

This time in Tokyo, I did notice the city has been dimmer. Many shops and billboards have turned down their lights. Some vending machines are not in operation at all. Many stores have posted a “Energy Saving” flyer on their window.

It’s definitely one of the few positive developments happens after nuclear crisis. When things go to extreme, it normally turns to the opposite direction. Tokyo used to be too shiny. Now my friends and I just hope the current situation will last longer, and people will realize the city really doesn’t have to be that bright at night.


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