Last Night in Santiago

Busy and chaotic, I haven’t got the chance to sit down for a long time with my laptop to think about how the past ten days go, partly because internet connection in the Summit hotel is less than impressive, and it’s already my last night in Santiago. So many things accumulated, I don’t even know where to start. This trip, location and people, provides a lot of blog materials. It’s like a ball of yarn, lots of storyline in one, but I haven’t found the lint.

Lots of inspiring stories are spread around in GV Santiago Summit, as the last time in Budapest. I’m sitting here, in the TV room in Che Lagarto hostel, listening to Catalina from Colombia about her stories. She mentions how much she has gained since joining Global Voices, getting to know more people, travelling to more places, understanding more cultures, and how her friends are envious of her experiences and opportunities. I believe she represents lots of people in GV, including myself. Thanks to GV, we travel of some unexpected places in the location. If not the Summit, I have no ideas when I will cross the equator to the other side of the world. She is now even learning Mandarin Chinese in Colombia, after she is exposed to the multilingual environment in GV, and her teacher is from Taiwan. Another surprising development to me.

Most attendees have left Chile and back to their home sweet home. Everyone has brought back various objects for memory. Pictures, postcards, paintings, presents, and pisco sour. I am lucky enough to have all of them in my luggage, but most important of all to me, it is people that makes this experience so precious.

Tomorrow I’ll as well leave on a jet plane, and don’t know when I’ll be back again. The summit, for sure, is another memorable incident in my life. I’ll try to retrospect later to all those faces and stories.


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