CNN in Chinese?

I didn’t notice CNN, the news organization, has “Chinese Weekly News Review” clips on its website until today. It’s a 5-6 minutes clip uploaded and broadcast in Chinese on a weekly basis. According to the anchor’s facebook page (I don’t know if the word “anchor” is appropriate based on her performance…), they have been doing this for a year already. That, I am surprised, but not in a good way.

I don’t really want to embed the clip here. If you really need to see that, click here.

It claims to be “a must-see weekly news program”, …hmm, that I am not so sure, either. If CNN wants to attract more Chinese viewers with this, they probably have a long way to go.

One more thing. This program seems to be produced in London, but I thought they have a regional center in Hong Kong? What’s that for?


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