Time Needed

I'm Attending Global Voices Citizen Media Summit 2010 Global Voices Summit will take place on May 6-7 this year in Santiago, Chile. My ticket is ready. My visa is at hand. This will be my first ever trip to Latin America (and Southern Hemisphere). In theory, I should be reading lots and lots of travel info now, preparing to make the best use of my short visit there. As a person like me, by now, I should have known how to get from airport to hotel. I should have bought a travel guide. I should have been insomnia for thinking about it all the time. I should have contacted other GV people.

But I’ve done nothing so far, and I totally blame myself for it.

It’s really hectic this month. I put myself in a situation that I am sleepy all week long. Although I always laugh at myself as workaholic, this is really not a good sign. Many blog topics have emerged, but I simply don’t have time or energy to put my hands on them.

On my way back to Taiwan in March, I watched Up in the Air while flying in the air. I’m totally in love with the film, and completely identify with the obsession towards frequent flyer programs. I really want to tell someone how I feel about it, and what researches I’ve done recently about in-flight magazines, but I am simply out of time.

Deadlines are driving me crazy recently. Usually, things I hate to do are done to support what I enjoy doing. We all need to put something on dinner table, after all. Recent weeks, though, I am overwhelmed by things I hate.

I also have an article about death in mind, but before that, I need to get rid of another deadline.


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