Created Demand

HomeAs far as I know, this event is there for several years now. On April 15th, Starbucks in many countries will provide free brewed coffee if you bring a reusable cup or mug to their stores. The company says it’s doing so in response to Earth Day on April 22nd. (Oh, there is another site for Earth Day) Unsurprisingly, long lines of people are formed in front of Starbucks today, including Taiwan. Even some of my friends who normally don’t drink coffee are bringing their mugs that day to Starbucks, because “it’s free”.

I am always surprised how popular and common for people in Taiwan to drink cup(s) of coffee on a daily basis. Every morning around 9am or 10pm, there are always people, male and female, young and old, in lines at convenient stores, cafes, coffee shops, for their “morning starter(s)“. It’s very often to here local people saying “I can’t start my work/day without coffee”.

But it’s mostly created demand, to be honest. They didn’t really need a cup of coffee to start their day, until they persuade themselves so.

I don’t know exactly which year coffer became popular in Taiwan (Could it be the year Starbucks arrived?), but anyway, when I was young, coffee was quite exotic. In the past, people in Taiwan had soybean milk or milk for breakfast, now coffee is most people’s first choice.

Personally, I can’t drink coffee very often, as I would get stomach ache. In some ways, it’s quite fortunate, because I save quite a few money for that. At least, I am not obsessed with the atmosphere of “working/reading in cafe.”

I don’t really understand how people believe the idea that “consume more will save the world”, but it’s happening everywhere. You would save more trees if you drink coffee with your reusable mug (although more coffee beans mean more carbon foodprint, let alone if you buy a new mug for that). You would help the world by joining auctions for Earth Day organic cotton T shirts (Do you really need one more T shirt to prove you are an environmentalist?). You would save more power by turning off lights for one hour (although you use a lot more candles during that hour).

This year is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, so lots and lots of events will be held around the world, almost for sure. Many people around the world have already turned off power for one hour, in support of Earth hour on March 27th, to show the importance to save the world.

I have an easy (but a bit wild to some people) idea. How about this year on Earth Day, in order to celebrate, everyone drinks no coffee or one cup less for a day? Since so many people are willing to withstand darkness for one hour, being less productive or clear-headed (as you may think) for one day isn’t that difficult, right? Those coffee companies will hate this idea, but why would I care? 😛

Just don’t drink your coffee on that day. Simple and easy. It’s a statement, and it costs nothing in your wallet/purse.


2 responses to “Created Demand

  1. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I feel like I’m missing a portion of my brain if I don’t get at least two cups of coffee! Ah, but Leonard, I’ve been drinking that much coffee since I was a teenager!

  2. Jill, missing a portion of our brains sometimes is not too bad, and it’s just one day. You’ll be fine.

    You’ve been drinking two cups of coffee since teenage? That’s great. Aprill 22nd is a good chance to break your routine. Aren’t GV supporting people to “break borders“? 🙂

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