Connected, A Bit

I always envy some people who have lots of connections, especially because they have chances to travel around the world and meet new (crucial) people. By crucial, I don’t mean those people you would often see on TV. Being on TV nowadays may lead to notoriety or overrated fame at full speed. Real crucial people, in my recent definition, are those can help people with their efforts, even remotely, even online. These people, more often, will lead you to more connections.

Yesterday I met a Microsoft guy Gisli Olafsson (@gislio) from Iceland, and yes, this is the first Icelander I know in person. He gave us a presentation about disaster responses and how crowds online can help, sharing his Haiti experience, as he is also involved with United Nations.

During the presentation, he mentioned information overload and how to select needed information. I believe we in Global Voices have done a good job so far on that. By the way, for people who are interested in information overload and how people deal with that in recent Kyrgyzstan chaos, I recommend this article by Gregory Asmolov from GV.

Later, he started to talk about projects and people who are involved with related works. Surprisingly, I know some of them, either online or in person. That moment, I feel I am finally somewhat connected to the wider world.

My own network-building is by no means finished, but finally, during his presentation, I feel it’s no longer a blank page.


2 responses to “Connected, A Bit

  1. Huh, I’m surprised to hear you say that you don’t feel very connected, especially as a GVer! I think of you as being very connected 🙂

  2. That’s always comparative. As a GVer, I am for sure connected to many of our contributors and related sources. During some conferences, though, I am often overwhelmed by some other people’s connections, especially when they all refer someone in his/her first name. That makes me feel lost in conversation, and unconnected. lol

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