My SXSW Day 2: Make it Bigger

Today in SXSW there is a big thing that grabs almost everyone’s attention (and wifi bandwidth): Twitter CEO Evan Williams interview. The main hall is packed, the other room for live broadcast is packed, even in front of  TV screens at the hallway is packed. Everyone is eager to know what he’s going to say, what new services Twitter will provide, and what’s next for Twitter.

Later at night, my friends and I talk about the interview, our conclusion is:  They need to change the guy who interviews Evan. Many of us don’t think he does a good job. He’s not too bad, in my opinion, but he really needs to come up with other words that replaces “interesting”. The level of “interesting”ness is just way too much.

For the past two days, I really experienced “Texas size”. Every meal is sooo big, even sweet tea cup is like one-foot tall. Burgers are big, tacos are big, even salads are too big for me to finish it. Way too big.

Also, thanks to David’s referral, I was interviewed by Zadi Diaz in SXSW. Zadi is a great interviewer, making people feel at ease, especially to people like me that are mostly afraid of camera and not photogenic. If you are interested in hearing my voice and me in motion. Here is the clip.

(I don’t know why I cannot embed the video here today, sorry)


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