My SXSW Day 1: A Good Beginning

My panel is the first one of the day, starting at 9:30am. Originally we think it won’t be big attendance, so when I walk into our room before start, “damn” is the only word I have in mind. The room is big, with at least 200 chairs there. I think it is going to be embarrassing, especially with the daylight saving time effect, many people may arrive in 10:30 and find out the panel already ends.

Fortunately, it’s not the case.

We (June Cohen from TED, Seth Bindernagel from Mozilla, and I) attract around 100 people in the end, and people are very interested in social translation. It’s too bad we only have an hour for the panel, as many people don’t have the chance to raise questions in their minds.

It’s a good start for me, since Global Voices seems to be new to many people, hopefully we will get some new readers, at least.

I also get the chance to meet other people I have exchanged emails or heard their names for a long time. It’s very nice to meet Boris Anthony, GV previous tech expert, because he left the position just when I joined the group.

Ethan Zuckerman, GV co-founder, happens to be in the venue. I meet him totally by surprise. In such a huge venue, I didn’t expect to run into him by any chance, but we meet. Just what a coincidence.

Although it takes me an hour with walk + bus to get to convention center, it’s worthy. I didn’t go to any parties in the evening, though, as I falls asleep really early.

Tomorrow will have more parties, I believe. 🙂


3 responses to “My SXSW Day 1: A Good Beginning

  1. Have a nice conference, Len

  2. Hi Leonard,

    Yay to interest in social translation. Hope to hear more about your session in person soon!

  3. Hi Leonard,
    I was really inspired by your panel. I wish I got to talk to you in person – hope to see you somewhere at some other time.
    I was really happy to find out your blog is on – that’s where I work on localization in Japanese 🙂 Let me know if you notice anything that should be improved on WordPress!

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