My SXSW Day 0: Delay and Delay

It’s a long day.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I am so glad to be invited to SXSW this year in Austin, Texas, USA. Originally according to my itinerary, I should fly Taipei->Tokyo->Houston->Austin, but it didn’t turn out that way.

The flight to Tokyo is delayed in the first place, which turns me into a sprinter in Narita Airport. Unfortunately, I am still five minutes late before they closed the boarding gate “on time”. I watch the plane leaving in front of me, gaspingly. Then airport staff “kindly” suggests me to sprint again, to see if the flight to San Francisco or New York will take me.

After kicked around between Gate N0.32 and Gate No.35, with enough running exercise, I was “luckily” put into flight to New York. Life really takes turns when it wants. So, my 10-hour flight to Houston is changed to 12.5-hour flight to Newark. Worst of all, it’s a center seat…

As we flies into New England area, the weather isn’t nice at all. The last 30 minutes is quite bumpy, and the lady one or two rows behind me starts to scream, LITERALLY. That triggers the baby three rows in front to me to start crying, LITERALLY. Good, very good.

That becomes my time visiting The Big Apple, seeing nothing but lots of people waiting in line for connection flight.

Delay comes into play again, this time somewhat in a good way.

Someone above definitely hears my begging sounds in mind, and makes the direct flight to Austin delayed for two hours or so (gladly just downpour, not blizzard). I fortunately get a seat on the flight, instead of flying to Houston. Three, four hours later, I finally lands on Austin airport, seeing my luggage already waiting for me there, “on time”.

Here  I am, after 8 hours later than schedule, I finally check in and unpack at the hotel at midnight on March 14th. “Good news” comes again. As daylight saving time starts to work from 2am on March 14th this year, which means I will lose another hour of sleeping time.

My SXSW session will be from 9:30am to 10:30am on March 14th. As our panel organizer wants us to meet at 8am, this story will get more and more interesting…

I’ll tell you whether I fall asleep during my panel tomorrow.

(Sorry if this post sounds disorganized, but that’s how my mind can only work now…)


3 responses to “My SXSW Day 0: Delay and Delay

  1. I thought I am the one who always find trouble at airports…You won this time.

  2. Poor Leo.

    Wish you have a great talk in SXSW.

  3. @Portnoy Believe me, I don’t want to beat you in this category.

    @PipperL Thanks, the talk goes well.

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