Help Haiti in Different Ways

Since 7.0 earthquake hits Haiti, people around the world have been pouring concerns, time, efforts, aids, and others into this poor country. Poor not only financially, but also historically. Its 200-year history after independence is, to say the least, turbulent. Continuous international interference doesn’t lead to positive results, judging from the status quo.

Global Voices contributors have been trying to help, in our own ways. Our remote time and efforts do not equal to even 0.1% of suffering of population on the ground, but we hope these words, images and videos will help people organize their help. On our Special Coverage page, we not only include our reports in different parts of the world, but also other sources you can click to know more about situation in Haiti. See what Russian bloggers say, see what the situation is outside the Haitian capital, see how Japanese reflects on their (lack of) relief efforts so far in Haiti, how Senegal extends their hands to Haiti survivors, etc. etc.

GV has a group of wonderful authors and editors. Our Caribbean editor Janine has spent her whole birthday, working around the clock to provide us latest information. Her team has been trying to offer different perspectives and spread the words as far as possible. Our Lingua Exchange Director Marc has also made his debut.

Our huge pool of translators are also working in different time zones, aiming to bring huge amount of information to their linguistic communities, without linguistic barriers. We apprciate their extraordinary contributions. Regarding traffic, readers appreciate as well.

Global Voices, in the past few years, has been working to collect what local bloggers respond to domestic and international incidents, but this time we are trying something different. We will soon send one of our people to Haiti, not only recording the situation with her own pen/cell phone/laptop, but also utilizing citizen media among local people to empower themselves.

From the mainstream media sources, we already know people should not expect their governments for help. In the meantime, huge coverage about nasty local elections in local news channels only gives me headache. Ending this post, turning off my TV and focus on my GV translations, I believe, will be a good decision.


One response to “Help Haiti in Different Ways

  1. Leo,
    Thanks for this lovely post.
    Good luck with the translations 🙂

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