Avatar a Must?

Recently during Christmas and New Year season, everyone around me seems to be in the same conspiracy. Whenever I go, whoever I meet, they are all surprised I haven’t watched the movie Avatar.

“You should watch it!” (Is that a suggestion or what?)

“Watch it in the movie theater!” (God knows when is the last time I walk into theaters?)

“I don’t mind watching again if you need someone to go with you.” (Really? Twice in a week?)

“It’s long, but you won’t fall asleep!” (Hey, where’s that assumption from?)

“The story is nothing, but special effects are cool!” (Hmmm?)

Based on the rebellion attitude, I haven’t watched it, partly also because theaters are always packed on holidays.

Seeing the trailer, though, I have to agree with my friend Lokman on one thing:


“While watching the movie, I keep thinking since when David plays Jake Sully without telling us. It’s funny.”

If you know David, my friends, you should not be surprised wherever he shows up. He’s pretty much everywhere, as far as I understand.


4 responses to “Avatar a Must?

  1. Ha, now come on. In my review I described this Jake Scully character as the embodiment of western masculinity and we all know that I’m far far from that. If you do watch it I’d be curious to hear what you think.

  2. Anyone already watched it?

  3. Haha, David, you do look like Jake;) btw I did watch it, as I was intrigued by the title and the idea of US Army ‘invading’ the natives (I am interested in Native American’s history). As expected, quite predictable Hollywood story, but did not feel the 3 hrs due to great special effects. Not sure yet if I am happy about the way natives are shown.
    Also, for me it was worth it as I like one scene where main character refers to ‘waking up from being a soldier’. I liked that bit. So,yeah, worth watching, once;)

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