Hell Must Be Huge

It’s fun to learn all different things in every part of the world. Among new info I got in Tokyo trip in November, I get to know a new blog, thanks to Jennie (or Tomomi?).

The moment I see the blog, I know lots of my friend in the circle will understand or recognize many circumstances described in it in different ways. The author of Clients From Hell is a graphic designer, who has to deal with clients from all directions. He records many terrible behaviors or words during their interactions. Be it designers, writers, editors, journalists, translators or interpreters, if you have ever done any freelancing works, you must be familiar with at least some of those stories.

I like one of his recent post titles: “Family members can be the worst clients“. Oh, tell me about it.

If we believe bad clients are all from hell, hell must be huuuuuuge.


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