GVers I met in 2009

The last month of the year. Everything surrounded is rushing you to sum up. Everyone seems can’t wait to move on to the next year. New calendars are on sale. TV channels and newspapers are reviewing and ranking incidents of the past year. People start to say “see you next year” instead of “see you next week”. Clients are booking available dates in January (not a bad thing at all!). Not many people are paying much attention how to cherish or make the best use of the last month of 2009. Sometimes, it’s like thinking about dinner place before enjoying lunch’s desserts. For a sweet-lover like me, it’s a crime!

This is a fortunate year to me. Seeing many GV people means I have the chance to travel much around the world, since Taiwan is definitely not a popular visit place for other GVers. Hey, we are not New York. What do you expect?

Anyway, I just want to make a list of GV people I have met in 2009. Long or short, it’s such a pleasure to be with you guys in person. Will I miss anyone? Probably, I don’t have a computer head, after all. What’s the order? There’s no order.

Solana Larsen
David Sasaki
Georgia Popplewell
Ivan Sigal
Jeremy Clarke
Rebekah Heacock
Lova Rakotomala
Amira Al Hussaini
Eduardo Avila
Lokman Tsui
Jillian C. York
Ethan Zuckerman
Rebecca MacKinnon
Elia Varela Serra
Miquel Hudin Balsa
Portnoy Zheng
Sami Ben Gharbia
Oiwan Lam
Paula Góes
Marc Herman
Anna Gueye
Sylwia Presley
Percy Balemans
Mieke Tulp
Agnieszka Kwiatkowska
Tonyo Cruz
Tharum Bun
Chris Salzberg
Hanako Tokita
Tomomi Sasaki
Jannie Lung
Scilla Alecci
… …

Lucky me!


15 responses to “GVers I met in 2009

  1. That’s really impressive.

    I have met most of the GVers listed above but after 3 years and 2 GV conferences.

  2. So many friends, and so many more to meet!

  3. It was really nice meeting you at Hong Kong BloggerCon; and to learn that we’re about the same age. 😉

  4. You are one lucky Leonard Chien. Looking forward to meeting you again .. and again .. and again.
    You are a joy to have around. Shouldn’t your country mass produce people like you?

  5. Rezwan, I can’t wait to our next summit!

    Saurus, many more indeed!

    ThaRum, we need to meet again. We are not that far away, after all. 🙂

    Amira, sorry, I am one of a kind in Taiwan. 😛

  6. it was really nice meeting you in amterdam leonard, hope to re-meet you all soon

  7. Wow, Leonard! I’ll have to make my list soon too.

  8. XD, You even count me in…

  9. Sami, a pleasure to meet you twice this year. Will see you again for sure in the coming year!

    Jillian, you’ll definitely have a longer list!!

    Portnoy, of course, there are many other GVers in Taiwan, but I don’t get to meet them in person.

  10. For the record, I think Taiwan is way better than New York. Then again, I’m not the biggest fan of New York.


  11. Oso, of course, you’ve got a place to stay already in Taiwan.

  12. Hey, hey, he has a place to stay in New York too.

  13. Lucky you, indeed. What a long list!

  14. Was lovely meeting you too! 🙂

  15. It was great to meet you!;)

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