Hear by Heart

Sometimes we hear, but do we really hear it?

Today I discover Yannick Dauby via internet, much later than many people here in Taiwan. He is a French sound artist, coming to and living in Taiwan. He has his microphone here and there, recording all different kinds of sounds in Taiwan: birds, frogs, insects, etc. Lots of natural sounds. From the recordings, I can feel how attentive he is to the surroundings. He notices the rhythm, the tempo and subtle beauty in sounds, often left unnoticed by others.

Some people question what human beings would loss in urbanization, industrialization and climate change. Maybe some of the answers lie in the intangible.

While listening to his sound samples, I wonder why in English, hear is only one alphat different from heart. Maybe, just maybe, out of so many sensational stimulations in our current world, hearing is the closet to heart.

You can listen to some of his samples here (from Taiwan and others).

Maybe someone in GV will have some interests and time to interview him and introduce to the world. Not me recently, unfortunately.


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