Hurt My Knee

hurt my kneeI hurt my knee when traveling at the end of August. As my friends know, I am always reluctant to go to doctors. It’s not really clear how I hurt it, but I originally thought it would be fine after a few days.

This time is not the case, though. My left knee doesn’t swell, but it hurts with some movements. After two weeks of perverseness, I finally listen to my mother and go to a Chinese medicine doctor.

I come back home with a knee wrapped as the picture shows. It’s my first experience in life, and to tell the truth, the Chinese medicine smells quite good.

Hope it will get well soon. By the way, the doctor says I hurt my ligament. As to how it happened, it’s still a mystery.


One response to “Hurt My Knee

  1. You probably killed a terrorist with your knee while you were sleeping.

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