the little imperfections

I was offline for five whole days for a trip with mom. 120 hours, a new record to me. It’s the first time since I started to work more actively online. It feels great in some ways, I must admit. Never quite an internet generation, I can probably live without internet access for a period of time, but I need TV. Turning on TV is a habit to me, even if I don’t necessarily understand German or Japanese. Some say it’s due to loneliness that people rely on TV to keep the space noisy. Well, I don’t know if it is true.

The offline experience is relaxing, although I feel regret as soon as opening email box and visiting Global Voices website again. GV authors are really good at producing great posts one after another when I was gone. I probably won’t have the time and ability to translate all of them, but it’s a pity that I haven’t read them all.

Reading one post, I realize it’s too late to know this great filmmaker from Malaysia, as she has left the world. Thanks to internet, though, I still got the chance to watch some of her works.

Funeral is the TV commerical Yasmin Ahmad shot for a Singapore government unit, taking family ties into focus.

Sometimes we do things too little, too late. I am too late to know this director and her works, but I hope I can make it up a little by translating the obituary post.


One response to “the little imperfections

  1. I think spending a week offline is the most amazing thing. It’s what excites me more than anything else these days.

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