A Failure

My friend Jess asks, why I am such a failure in love.

Jess, I wonder as well, but you are probably right.

Or maybe I just stop trying.


5 responses to “A Failure

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    ’Love Is Not A Science’


    Cheer up my friend. When true love comes you will not be able to control it. All you need is a little adventure in your life. The rest comes easy.

  2. Because “love needs no translation”? XD

  3. It is love that finds us…when we do not really expect to find it. 🙂

  4. Leonard,
    One cannot be a failure in this domain.
    Love is not something that you control, you can work at improving a relationship but you do not decide to fall in love.
    So you are not a failure !

  5. Although I don’t know what happened……..

    What is “a failure”? Remember what I did to you? (It’s really really one of the big failures in my life and also a BAD memory that I’d never think of again…… XP )

    That only means you need to keep trying and learn more about it and make yourself improve, not means you are totally incapable of it forever. So don’t give up so soon, or you’ll never know what you missed in your life.

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