Here in Tainan

Taiwan was badly hit by Typhoon Morakot last week, especially in the southern and eastern parts of Taiwan.

The association I am working with is helping local governments in the disaster areas to collect, broadcast and exchange info about rescue activities, donation requests and facilities needed.

American Institute in Taiwan has donated US$250,000 to Taiwan Red Cross. USA and other countries are also willing to provide assistance to Taiwan, but so far Taiwan government hasn’t decided to accept.

Today the association sends me to Tainan, one of the disaster areas in this devastation. I arrived at the disaster management center two hours ago. Lots of volunteers and resouces have already been shipped here. One of my colleagues, GIMI, has recorded the situation with his camera, and has uploaded some photos in his Flickr album. I have observed enormous dynamism and momentum here. It’s exciting for sure to many people.

A typhoon brought 1500 mm of rain to Taiwan two years ago. Experts claimed it’s unprecedented and an exception. This time in some places of Taiwan, more than 2700mm of rain is recorded. Unprecedented again. If without changes in people’s mindsets and policies, there will be more unprecedented climate news in the future, due to global warming or not.

Some say young people are indifferent to most issues. It needs, in fact, just one right issue to inspire them. This time, unfortunately, flood and devastation are catalysts.


2 responses to “Here in Tainan

  1. The news of the typhoon is devastating. That is really impressive that you’re getting involved in the disaster cleanup and management effort. Remember that art exhibit we went to in Taipei about the Strawberry Generation? I think that your volunteerism shows that young Taiwanese do still in fact care about their fellow countrymen and women.

  2. I feel for the taiwanese who suffered during the typhoon. But kudos to those who showed concern and help for the people. The sun shines in the morning.

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