Amsterdam, on the way

After 1.5 hours of flying, I am currently at Hong Kong International Airport, waiting for my flight 45 minutes later to Amsterdam. Finger crossed that there will no be crying/yelling/whining babies sitting close to me, so I can overcome the jet lag during the flight. I have never really get to know Amsterdam, although I have met some people from there before. They’re all really nice.

My friend Lokman is one great example. It’s kind of strange to visit the city, while the locals are not there. It’s like sneaking into someone’s house while the owner is away. 😛

I am going there for the Open Translation Tools 09 conference. According to others’ experiences two years ago, I look forward to the event very much. It would be a great experience meeting people I have or have not known before. Good things are going to happen, for sure.

My flight is going to arrive at 6:30 am Amsterdam time. Once again, I am the first of our group to be there. It’s already like a routine everytime attending conferences in the US or Europe. The good news is, I don’t have to wait for others at the airpot for 6 hours in this trip. Thanks to good public transportation system in Amsterdam. I’ll try to have a speedy city travel during the day. Hope I won’t get lost. (Normally I won’t, especially abroad.)

My flight is 40 minutes away when I finish this post. I’ll try to keep the travel journal during this trip. Don’t know if it is going to be as funny as the Solana-in-Taiwan series, but I’ll try my best. 🙂


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