Bilingual Tag Service, Anyone?

Since I start to read Global Voices everyday and to write for it very, very once in a while, good posts always impress me more when they have photos accompanied.  When I try to find a suitable photo to go with posts, however, I realize how difficult it is. Many photos on Flickr, for example, only have file names and/or numbers. No tags, no titles, no desciptions, nothing. I always admire people who take amazing photos, and now I also admire people can just “find” relevant photos for their posts online. They are either patient, or have special instincts with keywords.

With this searching experience, when I begin to take amateur photos and upload them to Flickr, I try to give as many suitable tags as possible. It’s not that my photos are good enough for others’ posts, but sometimes I may have something in photos that someone would need. Help others will help yourself.

Finding the right photo is difficult. Finding videos? Even more! GV video editor Juliana, in this regard, has done really well. Without her introductons, so many good videos are there that I will never have a chance to watch, let alone share with others.

Then one day I thought, since I have bilingual skills, why not put bilingual tags on my photos? After that, tags in English and/or Chinese appear with my newly uploaded pictures.

tagAnd now one step further. In Flickr, people can add tags on others’ photos, but I don’t want to be rude and add annoying tags on friends’ works if they don’t want. So here’s an offer. If any of my friends reading this post do not mind havin their photos with Chinese tags, tell me, and I am at your service .

I assume GV authors feel good when seeing their posts translated into other languages by Lingua translators. Seeing multilingual tags on photos may have similar effects.

I promise, I will not add strange or weird tags on them. 🙂


2 responses to “Bilingual Tag Service, Anyone?

  1. A consistent tagging habit demonstrates an openness and willingness for content-sharing: I find that on flickr, people who take the time to tag their photos tend to offer their photos under a CC license (and will usually have better photographs!)

    It’s much easier to find a good accompanying photo for an article when I search in English rather than Japanese, although I always do both. How about for Chinese?

    • I completely agree with you, Tomomi. It’s also easier for me to find a photo with English search than in Chinese, but I hope the situation will improve in the future. That’s one of the reasons I offer if anyone would like to have their photos tagged in Chinese as well . 🙂

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