Day 4: Meet the Students

Today is the first time Solana meets with a group of local students in Taiwan, mostly major in mass communication. We go to Fujen Catholic University for the event in this rainy afternoon. Good to see many students attend without any pressure from instructors. Normally attendance drops a lot in rainy days, but it doesn’t happen this time. Solana and GV are sexy, obviously.


It’s a great success. Students and professors offer relevant questions, and Solana provides eleborated answers. It’s an encouraging sign that students/audience come up with questions immediately after the speech, because normally in Taiwan, due to shyness or other reasons, audience remains silence for at least 30 seconds at the beginning of Q&A session. Several students come to us afterwards with an interest in contributing for Global Voices. Don’t know how much will really turn out, but we leave with best hopes.

Work and fun are always as important. Before heading home, Solana and I enjoy sushi at the main station. We talk about life and work, freelancing and lifeplan, customs and traditions. I always think beer is essential to all Japanese restaurants, but surprisingly not this one.  It was outside of the store, we prove again that Solana is stronger than dinosaurs, even when being sober …


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