Day 3: Social Activities Overload?

It’s always nice to find a cafe with free wireless, so we can kill our time between meetings. But I don’t understand why don’t they provide enough sockets besides every table. Since they have free wireless, they should assume customers will use laptops at every table, supposedly. No, however. Some tables are less welcomed because of that. It’s not fair to them.

Today Solana visits Public Television Service (PTS) in Taiwan. It has several channels, including Taiwan Indigenous TV, which we find the most interesting. We meet a reporter there who is a big fan of Global Voices, partly because we provide news about indigenous people around the world, which is not easy to find in other media outlets. I think we see a potential GV new author. 🙂

At night we have dinner with others in a spicy hot pot restaurant. For people who loves spicy food like Solana, it seems to be a good choice. And we, of course, hear some stories about Sichuan pepper.

Taiwan is a good place for different kinds of food, IMHO. Any food preferences can find their place here, be it vegetarian or allergy. So far we have successfully avoided shrimps, shellfish and mushrooms that Solana can’t or don’t eat (take notes, people). It won’t be difficult for the rest of the week.

It’s the third day so far. I am not sure how Solana feels, but it’s a bit like social activities overload to me already, especially since I like to work alone. It will be a good idea to enjoy dinner for two tomorrow.


3 responses to “Day 3: Social Activities Overload?

  1. I’m enjoying the diary of the visit!

  2. Same here. You’re a great chronicler, Leonard! Looking forward to the next one.

  3. Thanks everyone. A week is really too short for Taiwan! Looking for the next guest… 🙂

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