First Day: Daily Life Experience

Solana has arrived in Taiwan safely. We have an easy day, trying to immerse into daily life in Taiwan. I always like to bring my friends into my ordinary life. It may not as fancy as tourist spot, and obviously it won’t be completely bilingual, but it creates a sense of living. It makes you feel you can really and are going to live here.

Solana has a brunch with steamed dumplings, fried dumplings and rice milk. Rice milk is similar to soybean milk, but made from rice & peanut instead. That’s what locals have for breakfast or late night dinner. Don’t get me wrong. Sandwiches and bread are also popular options, but dumplings work for some people better. Good to know Solana likes it.

 Solana has a list of things she would like to try or taste according to the guidebook. Wonton is one of them. We encounter it at the night market in the evening, and also have a test on mango sweet tofu. It’s always crowded on Sunday night, but fortunately not as bad as I thought.

By the way, April 20th is Solana’s birthday, so I get her a present. Some friends in Global Voices know her “healthy” collection of dinosaurs, so I find one for her. It’s actually a USB! Who says dinosaurs only have tiny brains? This one has 2GB! 😛


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