Solana is arriving

011Invited by the association I am working with, Global Voices Managing Editor Solana Larsen is arriving in 5 hours. Yes, attracting all my friends to Taiwan in different ways is one of my goals. Yes, I think it is a good way to tell more people about GV.

And yes, I am thinking if we can hold a WordPress-related event in Taiwan, so I can have a reason to invite Jeremy, our GV tech expert, to Taiwan. Or an academic forum on citizen journalism, so Chris will be my guest next time. Hopefully it won’t be far away. 🙂

This time Solana is staying in Taiwan for one good week. I have arranged some speeches and some meetings for her, since we need an official reason for invitation. But the main purpose is having fun and a good time.

I’ll try to capture what we will do in the coming week by words and photos, and I’ll try to give a daily update here in the blog and my Flickr. I don’t have a smartphone, so it is not possible for me to give real time updates on Twitter. Sorry. It’s also a pity that I cannot get everyone in GV to visit Taiwan at the same time, but I’ll work hard to re-create the virtual experience.

But first of all, I need to go to bed now, and wake up four hours later to pick up Solana at the airport. It’s going to be a great week ahead, at least because I don’t need to stay in the office. hehe


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