On Nostalgia

New information comes to us, every single day. It arrives, gracefully makes a turn around us, and leave. We try to catch up, but almost always feels lag behind. Many of us try very hard to keep up with the world, and mostly, discover the new world.

But sometimes, in some occasions, with some people, the situation reminds us of the glory (or not) old days.

There may be a chance in our lives, when we have the first eye contact with another, Carpenters starts to sing Close to You besides you ears. There may be a time, when we read a memoir or flip through our past in mind, Paul Anka will eulogize Times of Your Life for us. And in some cases, you couldn’t help but wonder, how can life be more dramatic than The Graduate? But when it happens, you can really hear The Sound of Silence.

In certain stage of our life, people would especially dress up for photos. We want to keep the best images of us, but after many years, when we find the old album at the bottom of a drawer, they turn out otherwise.  Some families choose to look identical, or even hair uniform. Sometimes you can hardly recognize which one is pet. The photo may kindly remind you some things had existed before. They, and many more, are now collected in a blog named Sexy People, with the subtitle “a celebration of the perfect portrait”. Enjoy.

Nowadays we do so many things online. To some people, notebooks only mean laptops, and addresses are only for emails. I am not sure if people still remember what pen pals are, but now websites can even help you make new pen pals, not neccessarily using your pens.

I am probably not quite a digital native, so when reading a paperback on bed, I still want a paper-based dictionary for words not sure or know. I still like the sound when pencils dance and leave marks on a piece of paper. I still, in an old-fashioned way, like to receive postal mails.

The more digital the world is, the more we want somthing in substance sometimes. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why Oso announces he will “one day sooner or later […] write … on paper”.


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