Suddenly Noon

I wake up in Boston in the morning. The weather is exceptionally beautiful today as well (“totally unrepresentative”, Lokman’s friend says). Lokman kindly makes some breads and eggs for us, asking me where I am planning to visit day. “I’m probably going to ICA for Shepard Fairey‘s exhibition,” I reply. His famous portrait of Barack Obama, the US president, is selected as cover of Time magazine Person of the Year.

Lokman reminds me: “Then you should be going soon. It’s noon already.”

“No way!” I look at the clock on the wall. “It’s just eleven o’clock.”

“Well, winter time is over. We enter the summer time today.” Lokman stands up, takes the clock and switches to the correct time. It’s noon.

I look up daylight saving time in Wikipedia later, showing it works from the second Sunday of March every year in the US (aka today) to the first Sunday of November. But I am not going to stay here until then. An hour of my life is lost/missed, therefore, in the twist of time.


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