For You: Rising Voices Microgrants Application

We are often told that durning economic downturns and financial crises, many NGOs and cultural institutions face budgetary difficulties, as their donation sources shrink significantly. Everyone in related sectors are looking for all kinds of ways to survive.

Most of us agree that citizen media is a good idea. It hands pens, the microphones and cameras back to the general public, just like you and me, to highlight stories relevant to most people, but maybe not to traditional media owners, editors or reporters. However, starting from ground zero is painful and difficult, if you have silimar experiences. You need connections, devoted people, mobility, technology, internet access, skills… and money of course.

risingvoices1.jpgHaving a vision is always great. To transform visions into realities, however, requires practical means. If you now have a vision and some practical means in mind about citizen media, Rising Voices, an outreach project of Global Voices, can help you be equipped with the initial financial resources you need. Please hand in your citizen media-related proposals before January 18, 2009, and you’ll have a chance to receive a microgrant up to US$5,000.

US$5,000?! I know it may not sound much for a project, but it can definitely help you to work out your visions with first steps. Every big pyramid starts from a piece of stone, right? This microgrant will provide you a stepping stone.

Other people have utilized their microgrants to achieve great goals. Voces Bolivianas has not only successfully worked in Bolivia, but also started their wonderful initiatives in Argentina. If you start, there are always possibilities. As internet is borderless, your citizen media-related vision has a chance, if implemented, to become a worldwide legendary.

I know this blog doesn’t have a large readership, but you happen to have a citizen media project in mind, or you happen to know someone with that vision, please don’t hesitate to apply for Rising Voices microgrants. Please feel free the spread the information. We all know how difficult and uncomfortable to keep a great idea in mind for good. Don’t keep it as a secret. Say it out loud, and make your idea helpful.


2 responses to “For You: Rising Voices Microgrants Application

  1. Would love to see a project in Taiwan. What groups in Taiwan do you think are underrepresented online?

  2. Aboriginals and new immigrants (e.g. workers and spouses from Southeast Asia) are surely disadvantaged communities in Taiwan. These seem to be the most obvious answers to local people, and there must be more.

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