First Radio Experience

I participated the radio program Here on Earth: Radio Without Borders from Wisconsin Public Radio on January 5. Since it is a live show, I wake up at 4 in the morning to answer the phone. During the one-hour show, the host Jean interviews Georgia, Sami and me from Global Voices. Jean literally talks to three telephones at scene, in fact, as three of us are in Trinidad, the Netherlands and Taiwan, respectively. This setting itself exemplifies the basic idea of Global Voices. It’s virtual. It’s online. Its participants are everywhere in the world.

The interview is a great experience, although the time I really speak is quite short, only about 5 minutes or so. Most of the time, I just listen to the show via telephone. Georgia has done a great job, interacting well with the host and talking about citizen journalism and GV experience.

One hour is actually too short for Global Voices. If other programs are trying to introduce GV, every branch of it can be a one-hour show, to tell the truth.

This is my first overseas radio interview experience. I hope there will be more in the future, although I don’t know what kinds of programs will be interested in Lingua translation project.

For people interested, you can downloaded the show in mp3 file in the program archives (1/05/09 Monday). I appear at the middle part of the show.


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