In the end … Flickr Pro

Flickr logo. If you click it, you'll go homeAfter several months of thoughts, I got my Flickr account upgraded. It’s not because my photography skills are suddenly improved. It’s actually because of my digital camera, again.

I bought my first digital camera about one and a half years ago. Since then, I used it to take photos once in a while, as I don’t really have that habit to record everything with camera. Earlier this month when I tried to use it again, however, I found the battery cannot be recharged again. Sending it back to the company, it only took ten minutes to know that “kind of” embarassing truth.

The customer services lady took a look at it and said, “Sir, do you rarely use your camera?” “Yes,” I replied. “If you don’t use it often, the battery will be dysfunctional soon. Please use it as often as possible.” “…”

Fortunately she is kindly enough to change a new one for me, as the camera is still in warranty period. Since I have to use the camera more often, upgrading Flickr account may be a motivation.

I never realize buying a digital camera is more than buying a gadget, but also making a promise. Use it frequently, or it will be dead soon. I miss my old, non-digital camera now, at least it doesn’t shoulder a hidden promise…


2 responses to “In the end … Flickr Pro

  1. Interesting! So make good on your promise and share your world with us!

  2. Yup. Yup. its the sad truth!

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