Freedom to Live in … Anywhere

The CultureMondo Roundtable in Taiwan is finished. We’ve got more than 30 guests from 20 countries to join us. Here’s the one-minute video we show on the opening ceremony, briefly introducing everyone here.

Luckily, we’ve got three beautiful and warm days in a row. Everyone seems to enjoy the sunshine and 20+ degrees Celsius temperature. A guy from the Netherlands just stays in a park and under the sun for a whole day, even saying maybe he should move to Taiwan for the sun and the city.

Why not?

Some of us are luckily enough to have a job nowadays, such as translators, or work for an online/virtual organization, such as Global Voices, that we can basically work everywhere with a broadband connection and a computer. Being mobile is such as a luxury to some people, to tell the truth. They have to wake up at certain time every day, change their pajamas (or not), leave home and fit into their office table before nine, for example. Maybe some people like that routine life, but not me so far. I now work with an NGO and help them do some works, so I get to experience sitting in an office twice a week. I think it is enough for me. 😛

The conference is interesting as well, providing some sparks during discussions. Some speakers, such as Geert Lovink, are more skeptical towards social networking sites and web 2.0, and ask us to imagine a life without Google services. Many of us are now living closely connected with many Google services. It’s will be more difficult for me to work in Global Voices and Lingua teams if no Google services, though not impossible.

Then I am thinking, if we are possible to physically live anywhere in the world with my current works, in the cyberspace, however, can I live in and work on any sites that may provide similar services as Google and Yahoo? Many of us are using G&Y because they combine lots of services under one interface and one account. Google says users can export all their data and materials anytime they want, but how many of us periodically save backups, in case one day suddenly we have to leave G&Y (or they file for bankruptcy and terminate all services at once)?

I am not worrying about privacy, but imagining the life without G&Y. Hopefully alternative sites and services will soon all adopt something like Open ID, because that will make our lives much easier.

My friend Chris is trying to move away from Gmail, saying he doesn’t want Google to know everything about him. I am just trying to find alternatives, so I can be fine without G&Y and live happily hereafter anywhere in the cyberspace.


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