Does anyone support McCain?

Living in some places around the world, you would really think “Does anyone support McCain?”. I still remember when media in Taiwan reported the first time that Obama and McCain were very close, or Obama was behind in polls a couple of months ago. My friends were very surpised that some people really supported McCain, and in huge number.

At that time, McCain has not announced Palin as his vice presidential candidate. Attentions were all paid to Obama in local media. Media loves something unusual, and Obama clearly passes their criteria: young, first African-American presidential candidate from Democrats, articulate, charismatic, etc. How about McCain on the other hand … the oldest US president ever if elected?

I don’t have scientific calculation and numbers, but I am sure from my experiences reading papers and wathing TV that Obama dominates in the media. All my friends, home or abroad, support Obama, if they have a stance towards US election. I wonder if McCain campaign knows any reasons for this.

Reader’s Digest just publishs The Global Presidential Poll, in which Obama receives overwhelming supports in all 17 countries, except for the United States. Taiwan is included in this survey. 81% support Obama, while merely 6% are in favor of McCain. Also in many countries, a significant portion of respondents are interested in moving to the US. Maybe the American dream still works for them.

Does anyone support McCain? Undoubtedly, and I am interested in hearing why people support or not support him, especially from non-American voters, and how they view this election. If you are as interested as I am, you are welcome to visit Voices without Votes, a project created by Global Voices and Reuters. I know some of you will think “Global Voices again?!” Yes, GV again, and I am proud of it. There are other programs as well, such as Collective Journalism from Current TV.


4 responses to “Does anyone support McCain?

  1. Nice site. Theres some good information on here. Ill be checking back regularly.

  2. Hi Leonard,

    I don’t personally support either Obama or McCain, and anyway I don’t really follow U.S. politics very much. But of the two, the Obama movement turns me off more, so maybe I fit the description of the person you’re looking for.

  3. Thank you for mentioning VwV. You rock!

  4. May be because of his age! Just a piece of joke but in Nepal Obama is supposed to win. We dont have particular reason but we dont like Bush, so we dont like McCain.

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