Somewhere near “home”

Some of my friends may know that I officially start to live alone after coming back from Budapest in early July. I move into the third floor of a 7-story apartment with elevator. Third floor is good, so I don’t have to worry too much when earthquakes or typhoons come.

I am not good at decoration, so currently there’s nothing much but furniture. Some of my friends are too busy flying around the world. Even though they have bought or rented a house, they rarely get a chance to live in there. (Why do they buy it, then? 😛 ) Unlike them, I really live inside and I love it so far. It’s only a 15-minute bus ride to downtown Taipei. Next time if a GVer or other friends come to Taipei, you are welcomed to stay in my own place. Hurray!

Pictures: (they are on my Flickr with some discriptions)

tiny park   my TV

sofa   my small dining table

my kitchen   bed and guest room


7 responses to “Somewhere near “home”

  1. How about a mural with all of your collected postcards? 🙂

  2. you are in denial about your decorating skills leonard 🙂 That dining set is really cool, plus there is a modern sensibility to your place – For real GV’ers can come bunk with you?! I am soo tempted to come visit 🙂

  3. Love your furniture, Leonard! Congratulations on your new apartment.

  4. Eddie,

    That’s a great idea I am seriously thinking about. Thanks!


    Of course GVers are welcome!


    Thanks. Come and visit next time!

  5. That looks like a stylish and cool joint. Looking forward to visit Taipei (and your apartment) someday.

  6. Quinton (Ah-Kin)

    Dear Leonard,

    Hey finally I am here! You didn’t told me about your “new home” last time! It sounds cool. I also wanna move out and live alone, but you know the rent in Macau nowadays is quite expensive. Though I can afford it, I don’t think it worths…=.=” hope that I can have chance to visit your new home next time:)

    I will keep visiting your site in the future! I like your writings 🙂

  7. I want to visit tooo!

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