GV Blogger of the Week: ME!

On Global Voices website, there is a series of posts named “Blogger of the Week,” which interviews GV authors (and hopefully translators in the future) about their connections to GV and their personal lives. It’s always interesting to see the other side of authors, as it creates a more humane perspective to readers and GV fellows.

Our GV Digest editor Deborah Ann Dilley approached to me last month and wondered if I am interested in being interviewed. (Notes: You should really subscribe GV Daily Digests if you want to know what the world is talking about, but don’t have enough time to read all of them.) We did an email interview, and the post is on today.

I wonder how people feel when they are interviewed, and how people think when they see themselves on a webpage. To reveal myself in an email or a post is like a reality check to me. It helps me review and ensure “Yes, that’s me.” It’s healthy to get interviewed once in a while, so I may think of myself a bit deeper every time. We have a life, but we don’t really think about life very often. Maybe interview is a chance.


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