Danger to Say it Out

Many people emphasize we have to fight for freedom of speech around the world. To many people who enjoy it already for a long time, it may not be easy to raise their awareness. It’s like air to them; you never feel it until it’s no longer there. Global Voices understand it is an important issue, so we create Advocacy and help people get around with blockage, filtering, etc.

We all know journalists are important windows for the public to access information. Tyrannies, authoritarians and despots know that too. They scilence discords by throwing dissidents into to jail, or suffocating journalists, often physically. Ironcially, countries with breathtaking natural sceneries often place breathtaking control to journalists, bloggers, general public and their freedom of speech as well, as in the case of Morocco and Maldives.

Even so, it’s still not easy to show how dangerous journalists are in some countries. Then I see this below, simple but true.

From Adpunch

It’s danger. It’s danger just to say it out.


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