Hey, That’s Me!

My friend, Jason Miks, is a good reporter and writer, although he may be too humble to admit that. Currently based in Japan, Jason works for the English newspaper Daily Yomiuri, which is probably the least interesting job he is doing right now. 😛 It is not that working for a paper is boring (knock wood), but other works he does fascinate me more. As a freelancer, he has been writing for numerous entities, such as TCS Daily, World Politics Review, etc. He is also the managing editor of International Affairs Forum. To me, writing about international relation issues as a freelancer sounds like a dream job.

We know each other because I translate some of his works into Chinese online as a practice, which are later found out by Jason via Google search. Then we start to do emails, and finally meet each other in person in Tokyo in July this year, when I was going to attend iSummit. It’s a joyful experience to meet people face to face after so many exchanges and contacts via internet, especially to me.

Anyway, since we know each other, I have provided a tiny little help when he tries to write something about Taiwan regarding politics and others. His excellent writing skills transform my poor words into fine articles. In the post No to Apathy! he writes for a new British magazine Total Politics, Jason touches upon voter turnout issue in elections. He looks at why turnout in Asian countries, including Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, are much higher than that in European countries. I and my opinions are luckily included in this piece.

Before the presidential election in Taiwan in March 2008, he also interviewed me for IA-Forum because he wants some perspectives from a nobody, which I am perfectly qualified. I am not used to baing interviewed, so it takes some time for me to reply. Overall, however, I hope the results are not too bad.

So far, seeing my name on others’ posts is still quite surreal to me. It’s like two little people in my mind, one saying “Hey, that’s me!”, while the other saying “Is that me?”

Is it?


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