Music for Summer

Summer is very hot and humid in Taiwan, in my opinion, so I am always looking for some ways to cool down. Sometimes, the most effective way can be music:

This is a duo from Taiwan named 昊恩家家 (pronounced as Hao-En Jia-Jia). I love their album so much, probably the best one I have heard in Taiwan for the past two years. The following is another one from this duo:

It’s a Japanese old song she learns from her grandmother. Some of you may be surprised that they sing in Japanese. In fact, Taiwan is deeply influenced by Japanese culture, not just because of geographic proximity. Taiwan was colonized by Japan for 50 years during our grandparents’ generation. Many people then, including my grandmother, received their education in Japanese. The younger generation is attached to Japanese culture because of pop culture, such as manga, music, literature, movies, etc.

Anyway, these two songs are very cooling to me in summer. Maybe their album can be the best present for the next GV summit! 🙂

My friends, what do you listen in a hot and humid summer?


One response to “Music for Summer

  1. It’s hot and humid nearly all the time here in Trinidad. These days I’m listening to Ella Fitzgerald a lot, especially her versions of Cole Porter songs — I find her voice simultaneously exhilarating and calming.

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