still amazed

Not a totally internet generation person, I’d still want to meet someone in person after chatting with him/her for a period of time. Not a totally internet generation, I am often surprised by the connection and immediacy of internet even until now, especially after joining Global Voices.  Just have a typical instance to share, so people not in the community will have an idea of what I am talking about.

This morning, 5am in Taiwan, I was translating a short roundup by GV by the author Paula Góes, residing in Britain. I am curious about the “numerous reasons” she mentions in the text. The original post she links to is in Portuguese, so I won’t have the access to solve my question.  Paula happens to be on the google talk list at the moment (10pm in Britain), so I refer this to her. In less than 20 seconds, after refreshing the page, she has added the Wikipedia link to answer my inquiry. LESS THAN 20 SECONDS, people from two parts of the world cooperate and overcome time differences and language barriers. This is virtually impossible 15 years ago. It may be common for some users, but to me, internet is still amazing.

Of course, less than five minutes later, this roundup is translated into Chinese. To have a experience like this, thanks to Paula and many others worldwide, this is sufficient for me to keep working with GV and renew my amazement on a daily basis.


4 responses to “still amazed

  1. All hail the age of connectivity!

  2. And you are surprised because we are living the first times of this new age, but for a boy who in 4 or 5 years does the same thing it will be absolutely normal.
    This is to rethink the human relations. A kind of ciber sociology.

  3. I think we’re lucky to be able to remember a time without the internet! Barely!

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