Just say hi.

After talking with my friend Jason and attending Global Voices Citizen Media Summit 2008 in Budapest, I have been thinking about creating a new blog in English. Actually I have been urged to do that several times before, but because of laziness, it has never been realized.

Now I think it is the time for me to get connected with my friends around the world. The number has been growing, especially in the past year. It would be a pity if I lose these precious connections. Blogging in Chinese, they will almost never get a chance to know more about my life, which may been interesting to them.

I think in the next couple of days, I’ll start from my trip and experience in Budapest, Hungary. Something is appearing in my mind. I should record it by words before it is forgotten in my daily trivial nonsenses.

Anyway, just say hi to the world. I am back from the world.


3 responses to “Just say hi.

  1. Welcome back! I bet you’ve got lots of wonderful stories to tell on Budapest. Btw, don’t forget those pictures!!!

  2. Leo,what a wonderful idea! ciao Eleonora

  3. Great start Leo! I loved reading your blog (in English)! Keep up the great work 😉

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